Grant Yourself a Safe Visit to Canada with Super Visa Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance

Do you want to visit your children or grandchildren in Canada?
But cannot because of expensive insurance cost 🙁

Have you heard about super visa insurance but don’t know where and how to apply and select right medical insurance. While travelling to Canada for the first time many people get shocked by the demand of a super visa.

Basically, Super Visa is a type of temporary resident permit that allows both parents and grandparents to stay in Canada up to two years per visit. It is valid for ten years. Lack of information among people about the same is the main reason that makes them confused while making a choice of a super visa plan.

Take all those questions off your mind as in this article we will discuss all the prerequisite for ensuring your safe visit to Canada. Firstly, it is important to understand the eligibility criteria to apply for super visa which includes:

  • You must be either the parent or grandparent of a Canadian Citizen.
  • You must be parent or grandparent of a permanent resident of Canada
  • You must be allowed to enter the country and be able to meet few other condition as applicable during the immigration formalities.

The most important requirement for obtaining Super Visa in the country is medical insurance. You must have medical insurance from a Canadian company because while applying for the super visa you are required to submit all the proof and documentation for the medical insurance.

In addition to all the above-mentioned factors, you also need to give proof for the minimum threshold income of your host (child or grandchild) in Canada and the written statement declaring that he or she will be responsible for overall financial support during the stay.

Insurance should be valid for a period of minimum one year from the entry date. It should have a minimum limit of $100,000 to cover hospitalization, health care and cost of repatriation.

Once you are aware of your condition next step is to find the suitable medical insurance. There are many travel insurance companies that offer multiple coverage’s. You must remember to consider  the coverage than simply looking for low premium offers.

Finding a correct one amongst many available options can be a daunting task.

Here are few tips you should look into while searching for the licensed insurance company to use medical insurance. Company should:

  • offer a full refund in case the visa application gets rejected
  • offer basic affordable plans that can be paid with annual instalments
  • receive the complete documentation in time
  • offer partial cancellation in case no claim has been made. Cancellation fee depends on standard fees adopted by the companies

Choose a licensed insurance advisor to discuss your requirements and a suitable super visa medical insurance plan before spending some quality time with your family in Canada.

Life insurance is considered as a foundation for the financial protection of a family. Many of you would avoid affecting your family financially when you visit them or during the medical emergency in Canada.

While many refrain from talking about the end of life situations, it is very important to plan for them in advance because there are many expenses associated with death which can lead to the substantial impact of financial position of those your love.

Picking up and managing the pieces while going through the emotions can be stressful. The answer to coping up with this situation is final expense insurance. This type of insurance can be customized as per the required expenses to be covered after the death such as transportation, funeral service, embalming, flowers, casket and burial or cremation plot etc.

All situations differ from each other, so it is important to decide on the right type of coverage for your needs. It is advised that you work with an experienced insurance advisor who can help you decide on the ideal insurance plan for you and your family’s need.