Bald Head Island Has Wonderful Real Estate Opportunities

Located in the Brunswick Island Chain off the North Carolina Coast, Bald Head Island offers the permanent resident or vacationer a wonderful beach living experience. If you are interested in any type of real estate for sale on Bald Head Island, NC, you can’t go wrong with the variety of properties available! With awesome views […]

Strategic Real Estate Investing: How Market Cycles Can Affect Your Real Estate Portfolio

Real estate investors face a multitude of challenges when building a profitable real estate portfolio. The ability to research, finance, and implement an effective strategy are integral in the process of building a strong portfolio.  However, an important factor that is sometimes overlooked is the actual timing of the purchase or sale of the property, […]

Why Rent Agreement is Important?

Hunting for an appropriate home on rent which would meet all your requirements and furnishes a room of comfort? Then it would be less of headache now as many owners are renting out their residential properties in order to earn extra income. You might get palatial rooms and homes on rent but before you fall […]

Six Steps to Buying Your Dream Home

You’ve finally found your dream house and are ready to commit but there’s that question of home mortgage affordability. The credit crisis and global recession certainly doesn’t help, don’t let this thought scare you away just yet. Find out if you can go ahead and buy that house at last. Consider the following factors and […]

Do Chinese Real Estate Stocks look Attractive for the Long Term?

It looks as if the U.S. real estate market is limping back to normalcy. But at the same time, Mainland China may well be looking at a possible real estate crash. A bit of success has been achieved by the Chinese government in attempting to cage the increase in prices in the housing sector. While […]

House Price Rise in UK – Is It a Surprise Temporary Blip?

The fact disclosed by Halifax – Britain’s biggest mortgage lender – that the house prices went up by 2.2pc last month may be contradictory for some especially in the background of recent downward trend in this regard. Many wonder whether it is only a short-term sensation or will last longer. Martin Ellis, a renowned group […]