Ambulance Cover – The Basics

Ambulance Cover

Little do we know about it, little have we heard, and to be honest, we reluctantly think about it. However, an important part of health insurance, emergency ambulance transportation costs can be really expensive, and public health insurance does not cover these costs. For instance, the cost of emergency air transportation can go beyond $5000 AUD. Queensland and Tasmania are the only states in Australia where the costs of ambulance transportation are covered by the state government. However, if you are not from either of these Australian states, then you should definitely get ambulance cover to protect you from emergency ambulance costs, which as you can see can potentially be really high.

What Is Ambulance Cover?

Ambulance cover is insurance against the risk of incurring emergency ambulance transportation expenses among individuals. Although the public health insurance covers some main issues, will not cover this type of service. Paying for the costs of emergency ambulance transportation out of your own pocket or taking out this cover are your only options if you live outside of Queensland and Tasmania. In Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and New South Wales (NSW), a subscription of this cover can only be purchased by the locals through their health fund.

There are two types of covers that you subscribe for to protect you against any future ambulance transportation costs, which are:

Emergency only:

This will cover you for ambulance transportation costs in an emergency situation. Usually, the definition of an emergency situation is when an individual requirements immediate life saving treatment. The definition of an emergency also includes situations where a patient has suffered significant trauma according to a medical professional, such as the loss of a lot of blood, significant broken bones, sudden onset of cardiac, labor, or any other form of pain, etc.

Common emergency situations also include:

– Acute breathing difficulties
– Fractured bones
– Severe chest pains
– Sudden collapse
– Uncontrollable bleeding

Comprehensive ambulance:

This will cover you for the costs of ambulance transportation for less urgent cases, such as booking an ambulance to travel from one hospital to another or from the hospital back to home. This will also cover the costs of air and road ambulance transportation services even if they are not operated by a state or territory government or a recognized organization.

How To Arrange Ambulance Cover?

This insurance cover can be arranged by contacting any particular registered private health fund. The basic hospital coverage that any registered health fund offers in Australia usually includes an ambulance levy as well. Depending on the funds, some may offer an emergency only cover while others may offer a more comprehensive cover. Costs and inclusions vary from one fund to another, therefore, contact a variety of funds is recommended before a cover is chosen according to one’s personal circumstances.

Why Do You Need Ambulance Cover?

Would you be willing to pay expenses between $300 and $900 just for being transported in Australia? Paying these costs on your own could leave a huge hole in your pocket. Fortunately, you can prevent that from happening getting yourself covered by this form of insurance that is available to the citizens of Australia. Keep in mind that the costs of ambulance transportation are not covered by Medicare unless you are from the two states mentioned above.